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1. To make a booking you must contact Siempre Ciclismo (trading name of Gavin James Morton) via the contact page on the website, email ( or by telephone.  Once availability has been confirmed we will email over a booking form and payment details.  Booking is only confirmed when 50% deposit and the completed booking form is received. Once a deposit is paid you are deemed to have accepted these terms & conditions.  If any member of your group is under 18 please contact us prior to making your booking.

2. For group bookings, bookings are only confirmed once deposits and completed booking forms for the full group have been received.

​3. The remaining 50% must be paid at least 30 days prior to the start of your holiday, except bike hire and/or guiding only where the remainder is due at the start of the hire/guiding period.  Should this not be received the booking will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

​4. Cancellation. If you wish to cancel your holiday, this must be done in writing by email and acknowledged by the person who made the booking.  You will be liable for the following cancellation charges:

30 days notice –  forfeit deposit

14-29 days notice – 20% of total holiday price will be refunded

Less than 14 days - no refund.

We recommend you have adequate travel insurance in place at the time of booking to cover any cancellation losses you may incur.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your holiday we will attempt to book your holiday for alternative dates, however is this is not acceptable to you we will refund any payments made to us by you in full.

5. You must have adequate travel insurance in place for your holiday and guiding with us and bike hire organised via us, covering cycling, medical expenses and repatriation, personal liability, loss and damage to personal effects & third party property and cancellation. EU residents should also have a valid (in date) EHIC card, which must be carried with you on all rides.

6. Whilst there are a varied selection of cycling routes available, most routes will have significant variation in elevation. Also bear in mind that temperatures can be extreme and we reserve the right alter itineraries depending on weather and road conditions.

7. It is your responsibility to ensure you are sufficiently fit and healthy and have the skills to complete your cycling holiday.  You must advise us of any pre-existing medical conditions on your booking form.

8. It is your responsibility to advise us of any dietary requirements or allergies.

​9. You must wear a correctly fitting cycle helmet at all times when cycling during your stay and not cycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. IT IS LAW IN SPAIN TO WEAR A HELMET WHEN CYCLING

10. Headphones are not allowed when riding.

11. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with Spanish traffic regulations and obey them at all times.

12. GPX/GPS files, routes and elevation data are provided as a guide only and whilst we have made every effort to ensure their accuracy, road conditions can change over time, mapping/elevation software can have inherent inaccuracies, junctions and road layouts can alter and temporary road closures can occur. Suggested water and food stops can close without notice. We cannot be held responsible for any death, injury or loss you may incur following these routes. 

​13. Cycling on public roads, particularly in mountainous areas, is an activity with a danger of personal injury and even death. You accept that you are aware of and accept such risk and will be responsible for your own actions and involvement in this activity. It is important that you ride within your ability at all times.

14. We do not accept liability for death or personal injury or any other loses to you or your possessions during your stay unless caused by proven negligence by ourselves.

​15. If you bring your own bike, you must ensure that it is suitable, well maintained and in good condition. We would recommend you have your bike serviced before your holiday. You shall be responsible for assembling, maintaining and disassembling your bike during your stay.  We would recommend that you bring any specialist tools or spares with you. If in doubt please discuss with us when making your booking.

16. We cannot be held responsible for losses or expenses due to delays or changes in any travel arrangements or other services which are caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as, but not limited to; war, civil commotion, act of God, Government action, natural disaster or adverse weather conditions.

17. We arrange accommodation, transfers and supplementary bike hire, when required, using third parties.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure these suppliers deliver, we cannot be held responsible should they fail to do so.  We will however, do our best to find suitable alternatives.

18. We would like to use photographs of guests on our trips for promotional purposes. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken and/or used please let us know during your stay and before we take any group photographs.

19. You are responsible for any damage you may cause to our property and third party property, including hire bikes and will be liable for reasonable costs if they are incurred.

20. You shall use hire bikes in a proper manner and not subject them to any misuse.

21. You shall keep hire bikes and any other hired equipment safe at all times from loss or theft and be responsible for any costs should this occur.

22. You are responsible for checking the condition of any bike you hire with us, before and during the hire period.  It is your responsibility to assemble, set up and keep a check on all equipment and bring any mechanical faults to our attention. 


23. You shall notify us immediately of any damage, loss or theft of hire bikes and any other hired equipment, however caused.

24. Full payment is required at the start of any bike hire, other equipment hire, or guiding and charges will commence from the pre-agreed start time.

25. All hired equipment must be returned at the end of the hire period to a location and at a time agreed between both you and us.

26. We require a €100/£100 cash security deposit upon delivery/collection of a hire bike.  You are liable for any damage to a hire bike during your rental period. We reserve the right to deduct costs for any damage up to this value from the deposit and charge you for costs above this.

27. In case of theft of a hire bike, during your hire period, you are responsible for reimbursing Siempre Ciclismo for the original purchase price of the bike.

28. We have a limited supply of hire bikes. If we provide a hire bike for you from a third party, their terms and conditions apply.

29. Our hire bikes have a manufacturers maximum advised rider weight of 95kg. If you exceed this it is your responsibility to let us know and we can try to find alternative hire bikes from third parties or suggest you bring your own.

30. We reserve the right to remove you from a ride if we feel you are endangering yourself or others.

31. You must have lights on your bike at all times and they must be switched on when required.

COVID-19 Protocols

The protocols included below are based on best practice international guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic.  They are subject to change and the default minimum protocols will be in line with those in place by the Spanish Government.

1.Face masks are required in certain circumstances, i.e. on public transport.  Please see the latest advice from the Spanish Government for further details.  Therefore please carry a face mask at all times.

2. When providing support from the car, supplies will be served to the riders and the person doing this will regularly sanitise their hands.

3. Regularly wash hands and use alcohol gel (provided in support vehicle, at cafe´s restaurants and accommodation) when soap and warm water is not available.

4. Hire bikes and other equipment are disinfected before and after each hire.

5. We will adhere to the current restrictions on group sizes. This will be reviewed based on the latest advice from the government.

6. Before joining the activity we will ask all participants including staff to self assess their physical conditions and self screen their risk profile. If participants have symptoms, however mild, or are in a household where someone has symptoms, they are advised to stay at home

7. We aim to minimize exposure to other people and enclosed spaces by keeping rides rural, using backroads, low traffic areas, 

8. When stopping for roadside attractions or snacks, we will ensure the stop-area size has enough spacing to promote distancing.

9. When using vehicles to transport clients this includes a higher degree of COVID-19 transmission risk. Therefore measures to mitigate risk will be used whenever possible; open vehicle windows, provide space in between passengers and have passengers wear face coverings. 

10. All riders for any event must pre-enter online and pay electronically.

11. When sneezing or coughing make sure this is at the back of the group, into a tissue and disposed of responsibly


1.Ride on the right of the road and keep right.


3. Make sure you are fit enough to maintain the advertised speed of the ride.

4. Make sure your bike is in good working order before every ride.

5. Call out hazards to other cyclists in the group.

6. Hold your line.

7. Keep both hands on the handlebars except when signalling, pointing out hazards or drinking from your water bottle.

8. Don’t use your mobile phone when riding.

9. Don’t half wheel (riding slightly in front of the ride next to you to increase the pace).

10. Be self-sufficient on the bike with spare inner tubes, tools, money, food and water etc.

11. Don’t ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

12. Carry your medical card and important medical/contact information with you.

13. Don’t make any sudden movements that could impede other riders.

14. Never ride more than two abreast and be prepared to single out when necessary.

15. Always stop at red lights.

16. Dress sensibly for the weather conditions.

17. Mount lights on your bike at all times and ensure these are switched on when required, i.e.. in case of low sunlight or poor weather conditions.

18. Don’t overlap wheels with the rider in front.

19. Descend at a safe speed and increase the distance to the rider in front so you so that you have a clearer view of the road ahead at faster speeds.

20. The roads can be extremely slippery when wet. Take extreme caution when riding on wet roads.

21. Watch out for fallen rocks and debris in the road and call them out to other cyclists.

22. When standing up out of the saddle make sure you’re back wheel does not drop back suddenly affecting the riders behind you.

23. Do not react to bad driving with gestures or provoke retaliation.

24. Be polite and courteous to other road users.

25. Take extra care at roundabouts and always be prepared to stop.

26. No tri-bars.

27. Follow the Spanish traffic regulations.

28. No headphones.

29. We reserve the right to remove you from a ride if we feel that you are endangering yourself or others.

30. Abusive, offensive and/or derogatory language (i.e. racist or sexist comments) and/or behaviour will not be tolerated, whether within the group or to others.  Anyone demonstrating such behaviour will be asked to leave the ride.

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